Why Should You Board Your Cats in a Shared Enclosure?

It can be tough having your cats boarded when you need to be away from home. Even though you know they'll be receiving the best care possible, leaving your precious kitties is never easy. However, you can make things a lot easier by boarding your cats together.

Of course, you'll already be boarding them at the same facility, but you should also check whether it's possible to have them kept in the same enclosure, and here are just a few good reasons why. 

Reduced Costs

If you have more than one cat sharing the same space, that space is obviously going to be bigger than the average enclosure, and it will probably have separate sleeping areas to avoid territorial disputes. However, you'll probably find that your costs will drop compared to boarding the cats in their own separate enclosures, and that can really help with your finances if you need to be away from home for more than a few days.

Comforting Familiarity

Humans like going to new places, but cats embrace familiarity. As such, even being accommodated in the plushest of boarding pads can be a little stressful, and your cats are more likely to become stressed when they are separated from each other. In most cases, they will look to each other for comfort, so they'll generally be more comfortable and confident in boarding facilities when you room them together.

Enhanced Playing Time

One of the few downsides of a boarding facility is that your cat might get bored. Staff will play with them and provide plenty of toys, but your cats will still prefer the opportunity to play with each other. That means they'll burn off energy, sleep better, and generally enjoy their time in the boarding facility more. They'll also benefit from more space to play around in since the enclosure will be much larger than a single one.

Easier Reintegration

You probably already know that introducing cats can be tricky. What you might not know is that even reintroducing cats can be problematic. It's not going to be such a big deal if you're only boarding them for a night or two, but you could find that old disputes resurface if you board your cats separately over a couple of weeks. Cats have very complex relationships with each other that take time to work themselves out. When you separate them, you disrupt those relationships, and they might never be quite the same after bringing them back together.