The Worry-Free Guide to Boarding a Persian Cat

Looking after a cat is not a huge challenge for most people, as felines are famously independent and relatively low maintenance. But that's not necessarily the case with all cats.

Owners of Persian cats know only too well the extra care that goes into looking after their pets. Their unique appearance comes at a cost, with a lot of attention needed to keep them clean, healthy and looking good.

This can mean it's particularly worrying when you're going away and need to put your cat into boarding. To give yourself peace of mine while you're away from home, follow these tips for choosing a cat boarding facility and getting ready for your cat's holiday.

Call around, pay some visits

Although any cat boarder should be able to look after pedigree cats to a high standard, it's never a good idea to assume. Make a list of boarders in your area and call them up to ask about Persian care. You should quickly get a good idea of those which are suitable, but you might also find it useful to visit in person if you have the time. Any good boarder won't mind discussing things with you to make sure you're confident in their ability.

Pack your grooming tools

The boarder might have their own set of combs and brushes, but it's better for your cat to continue using your own. They will smell familiar, you know they work well, and you won't have to worry that they've been used with lots of other cats. It's a good idea to mark the handles with your cat's name on sticky labels and put them in a small zip-up bag to keep everything safely together.

Pack a food bowl

As a Persian owner, you've probably noticed that cute flat face means your cat can struggle to eat from deep bowls. It's best to pack your cat's own bowl to take along so you can be sure they won't have any problems getting to their food. Make sure it's clean and ready to go with your cat, or buy a spare bowl specifically for this purpose.

Remember the extras

Some Persians are particularly prone to eye drainage problems, needing regular cleaning with a specialist product. If this is the case, buy a new bottle for the boarder to use, and include cotton wool or whatever you use for cleaning.

Make sure you also pack enough food for the time you'll be gone, particularly if you feed your cat a specialist Persian cat food. Sudden changes can cause stomach upsets, which in Persians can mean additional difficulty keeping them clean.