The Worry-Free Guide to Boarding a Persian Cat

Looking after a cat is not a huge challenge for most people, as felines are famously independent and relatively low maintenance. But that’s not necessarily the case with all cats. Owners of Persian cats know only too well the extra care that goes into looking after their pets. Their unique appearance comes at a cost, with a lot of attention needed to keep them clean, healthy and looking good. This can mean it’s particularly worrying when you’re going away and need to put your cat into boarding.

Why Should You Board Your Cats in a Shared Enclosure?

It can be tough having your cats boarded when you need to be away from home. Even though you know they’ll be receiving the best care possible, leaving your precious kitties is never easy. However, you can make things a lot easier by boarding your cats together. Of course, you’ll already be boarding them at the same facility, but you should also check whether it’s possible to have them kept in the same enclosure, and here are just a few good reasons why.